Mother & Child

Help us expand our centre’s mother & child unit!

A future for mother and child.

The simple truth is that where you’re born determines your chances in life. If you’re born in eastern DRC, your mother is almost 100 times more likely to die while giving birth than a woman in Belgium. You start life without a mother’s love … how unfair.

That’s why one thing was immediately clear when we started working on the surgical centre in Beni: the obstetric and neonatal care had to be top-class. We need a separate, larger unit for obstetric and neonatal care, so we can save the lives of more mothers and their babies.

Building the mother & child unit – which is much more than a maternity unit – requires a serious additional cost. Roughly speaking, it costs about €950 per square metre.

If you want to, you can be part of something beautiful. Please invest in a place that ensures a good start to a child’s life.

A fair chance for young mums and newborn babies.

A modern maternity unit is much more than just a delivery room. In Beni, we provide a high-quality mother & child unit in a dedicated building. Patients don’t have to enter via the operating theatre, and, most importantly, it has more space and the necessary facilities.

Why your donation is so vital:

  1. Thanks to your donation, mothers can give birth in safe and hygienic conditions, and fewer young mothers will die.
  2. Newborn babies get the chance to have a good start in life.
  3. The surgical centre is the only centre in a region of almost 2 million Congolese people. The new mother & child unit should also be equipped for this!

Mother & child unit floor plan

plattegrond centrum