Our partners

Grateful for every helping hand

A close-knit group that believes in the dream

As passionate as our team is, the project in Beni can only succeed with outside help. Fortunately, we are supported by skilled and experienced professionals. They help us with logistics support, know-how, advice and more.

Ingenieurs zonder Grenzen

  • A Belgian NGO that offers us technical know-how and oversees the construction of the centre.
  • Engineer Pierre Waterkeyn manages the project as a volunteer.

Architecten zonder Grenzen

  • A Belgian non-profit that provides planning services for our project.
  • Its objective is to make architecture and a high-quality built environment accessible to all.
  • Hendrik Bloem and Ine Vanden Bergh are the architects working on our project as volunteers.

AZ St.-Jan

  • Our partner hospital in Belgium.
  • They have sent teams to Beni several times on surgical missions.
  • They also provide specialist surgical equipment and medication.