UNICHIR provides high quality surgical and obstretical care for millions of people.

Unichir - Kivumed

Unichir is initiated by humanitarian surgeon and former Belgian minister Dr. Reginald Moreels. The organisation is registered in RD Congo, and chaired by Dr. Michel Kalongo.

Unichir strives to become a top level medical and surgical unit, alongside a training center for local young surgeons. Training courses will be conducted in cooperation with certified universities from neighbouring countries. At present we completed 10 missions in all 5 medical areas of Beni, reaching out to 1.5 million people without access to reliable medical advice or certified specialists.

Moreover, much needed medication and medical instruments are unavailable to the people of the North Kivu Province. This partly due to the highly unstable security environment of East Congo. Therefore, we will also sell and distribute qualitative medication and medical instruments in the region.

Our team is actively supported by skilled and experienced professionals from Architecture Sans Frontieres InternationalVIVESEntrepeneurs for EntrepeneursExchange and the General Hospital St. Jan in Bruges, Belgium.

Improving the level of surgical-obstetrical care in the Beni area, through an original sustainable health intervention, beside training and capacity development.


​The area of Beni-Butembo, although sadly reported in the world news due to the recurrent massacres of civilians by militias and national army, evolved from a prosperous commercial focus point to an abandoned blind spot on the world map.

The Beni territory, embracing 5 health zones, covering a population estimated between 1,2 and 1,5 million inhabitants, suffers from a lack of international assistance. Only a few NGO's are active, with very limited assets, together with the MONUSCO force.

Decent and qualitative obstetrical and general surgical care is nearly absent. From time to time a consulting surgeon operates in Butembo, but interventions (mainly Cesarean sections and some emergencies) are done by general practitioners. Peri-operative care and follow-up are beneath all levels of evidence-based and international standards of qualitative care.

Concept: Profit & Non-Profit in one

1. Non-profit pillar - set up of a Surgical-obstetrical Unit UNICHIR:

Unichir will deliver qualitative and cost-effective care from the primary health level towards the tertiary health level. Next to the daily care (7/7, 24/24) Unichir will give training sessions to doctors and nurses. These will include theoretical care protocols and guidelines, bedside training and logistic and administrative practices.  UNICHIR thus becomes a training centre for surgical trainees (1-2 years), in agreement with Universities.

The primary level aims to train medical staff to perform stabilization of patients before referral to our structure, to respect hygienic good practices, to diagnose surgical and obstetrical cases in time, and finally to perfom postoperative care in case of counterreferral from UNICHIR. The tertiary level will be reached by building up a UNICHIR network with some tertiary referral health structures in Goma or in the neighbouring countries Uganda (Kampala) and Rwanda (Kigali);

We will include E-Health technology in our preventive and postoperative care actions;

2. Profit pillar: set up of a commercial pharmacy-KIVUMED:

Boosted by a stock and sales center, distributing drugs and medical items, quality labeled, to the areas of Northern Kivu, southern Ituri and till Kisangani;


In 2019 we established Benisur. Benisur (Beni Surgery) is an organisation dedicated to raising funds for Unichir and Kivumed.


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