Dr. Réginald Moreels

Dr. Rēginald Moreels, born in Ghent on 4 December 1949, is a Belgian surgeon and former minister.

Married, father of 4 children and “papy” of 9 grandchildren.

Grew up in a bilingual environment in Ghent and did his humanities studies with the Jesuits, his medical studies at the UZ Ghent and training as a surgeon in Bruges, Lille and Paris. He established himself as a surgeon in 1980 in Ostend.

As a co-founder of the Belgian section of Médecins Sans Frontières, he regularly leaves as a volunteer war surgeon. He became president of the organisation from 1986 to 1995.

In 1995, he stands as a candidate for election and is appointed State Secretary for Development Cooperation.

From 1999 to 2014, he was successively a senator, special envoy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Great Lakes Region, medical adviser to the Ministry of Health in Belgium and in Africa (Burundi, Rwanda and South Africa).

In the meantime, Dr.Moreels resumes surgery and continues doing missions as a war surgeon for MSF in Central Africa, Congo, Liberia, Somalia, Bosnia, RCA, Ethiopia-Tigrea, Tchad, Syria and Iraq ( 2018-2019)

Following a private visit to Beni in early 2015, he was called to the assistance of a local doctor in a delicate surgical situation. The entire region, which is home to almost 2 million people, does not have a single trained surgeon with - as you can imagine - sometimes disastrous consequences for some patients.

Since then, Dr Moreels regularly travels to Beni (more than 20 missions), where he operates in very difficult conditions, without a trained anaesthetist and with little or no equipment.

At the same time, he is making efforts in Belgium and Congo to collect funds for the creation of a UNIT for SURGICAL CARE named UNICHIR, a "centre of excellence" for quality surgical and obstetric care and also a training unit for surgeons and other specialised para-medical staff.

Dr Moreels is the author of 9 books of which : Is man bad? - (Top) doctors with a vocation - "Dom" a plea against ignorance